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About Me

My name is Damian Fiszauf. I mainly use BSP as my nick name on the forums or the stores where I sell my models. I'm an independent artist based in Poland. I'm passionate about modeling, texturing and animation. I have started my journey into 3D world about 10 years ago. As a player, I always wanted to create my own video game, but had no any experience in this matter, so I decided that I should to make something simple for a start. I found a great game engine named Wintermute then. It was strictly destined for adventure "point and click" games. It's probably still available for free on its website, but sadly, it is not developed anymore. However, I never decided to release my game, although it was largely completed. I simply came to the conclusion that the final effect (especially a bit sterile graphics that was displayed in 1024x768 resolution), is not good enough to release it as a commercial product. You can still see old thread about it on the forum. It's available here. Work on that game allowed me to gain a lot of experience anyway. I have made the cartoon Easter game for TGC, creators of GameGuru engine. The game was released in March 2016 on Steam and you can see it both here and directly in my portfolio. I try to focus on a pure modeling currently. You can find my work in the TGC Asset Store and in the Unity Asset Store, where I sell models separately or as model packs. When you visit my portfolio, or mentioned stores you will see a wide range of models in different genres. Animated Weapons, including ww2 ones such as: Thompson, MP40 and so on, characters, creatures, furniture, vegetation, buildings and even typical ww2 models such as: cannons, destroyed vehicles, tanks, planes, and many more. In closing, I would like to encourage you once again to see my full portfolio.


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